Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do Property Managers Do?
    1. Property Managers advertise, show and lease your property, collect and deposit rent, screen tenants, coordinate work orders for maintenance, resolve tenant concerns and complaints, and communicate regularly with you regarding the status of your property.
  2. How will you find tenants for my property?
    1. Tenants are found by marketing your property on our website and various Social Media and digital platforms.
  3. How do you screen tenants?
    1. An extensive background and credit history check are conducted for each applicant. To be approved, applicants must meet the background and credit policies of Queen Property Services.
  4. How much will my investment property lease for?
    1. To determine the leasing price of your property, a full market analysis will be conducted. Your property will be compared to properties of similar configurations in the area it resides. Leasing price will be on trend with the current market rates.
  5. How do property inspections work?
    1. Property inspections are conducted before your property is rented and again when it is vacated. We also handle any maintenance issues expediently with qualified technicians. Any general or preventative maintenance issues that are noted during inspections will be brought to your attention along with recommendations for the repairs. 
  6. How often will I hear from my Property Manager?
    1. Your Property Manager is available to you during regular business hours. You will also have access to your Property Manager outside of business hours for emergencies. We also communicate through monthly emails to keep you up-to-date on the status of the property.
  7. Why should I choose your company instead of another?
    1. You should choose our company because we want to build a lasting partnership with you. Our organization is not just about profit for the company, we want to maximize the earning potential on your investment property(s) as well. We also support the people around our business through community outreach. 
  8. How do you handle tenant delinquency?
    1. Tenant delinquency is handled according to the South Carolina Landlord-Tenant Act. We send out reminders and late notices and also handle the entire eviction process. However, our overall goal is to ensure that delinquency does not happen. 
  9. Who handles the emergency calls?
    1. Our goal as your property management company is to alleviate your stress. We handle all emergency calls, no matter what time of day or night.
  10. What are the most common mistakes made by investment property owners?
    1. Three of the most common mistakes made by investment property owners are micromanaging their Property Manager, allowing emotions to interfere with logical thinking, and not wanting to make repairs to maximize earning potential.